What We Do

When we receive your products, each item is carefully unwrapped ready for photography, assembled where necessary. Garments are steamed to remove any wrinkles.

We will then carefully light and photograph your products, taking care to show each one clearly and faithfully - have a look at the examples to see the quality.

Each product is cut out of the background to allow it to be placed on the background of your choice, or used with a transparent background on your web site.

We then send you a CD ROM containing your Photoshop files (or, if you've only ordered a few photos, make them available for immediate download), along with jpeg copies for you to easily view. If you're unhappy in any way with the photos we will reshoot at no extra cost.

Once you're completely happy with the photography, we'll send back your products in their original packaging.

e-packshots.com is a trading name of Portmanteau Presentations, the corporate communications company.

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