Welcome to e-packshots.com, the UK based photographic resource for online shopping sites, specializing in product photography.

Established in 2000, we've a proven track record of high quality, low cost photography.

We offer a completely personal experience, one-on-one service. All your photographs are hand retouched and finished to the highest quality.

Just ship your products to us, and we'll photograph them - it's as simple as that!

For website designers and internet entrepreneurs, e-packshots.com will ensure all your product photography is presented in the most professional manner possible.

Our photographs are also suitable for glossy magazines, catalogues and other product showcases, as well as auction sites such as ebay.com

Trading since 2000, we have an international client base, including not only UK but also Europe, the USA and Canada.

We use state-of-the-art digital photographic techniques to guarantee a pack photo that does real justice to your valued product.

Our price for just one product photograph - cut out against a white background - is £22.50, but prices drop rapidly the more images you order. Prices can be as low as £6.00 per photo.

Please phone for a quote: 01737 844888 or email

Simply send us your products and we'll photograph them and return them to you along with a CD full of your packshots - ready for use on your website (or catalogue).

Satisfaction guaranteed - while we try our hardest to get it right first time, we'll reshoot until you're completely happy - at no extra charge!

e-packshots.com is a trading name of Portmanteau Presentations, the corporate communications company.

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